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Radiology Service Providers

Diagnostic plays a big role in the delivery of quality and comprehensive healthcare services. Unfortunately, there is a big gap between the availability of radiology reporting services and the demand for them. Not only that, the access to expert radiologists on the whole remains possible only in the big cities. As a result,

Patients are forced to compromise on health and timely treatment.

Diagnostic centres and healthcare organisations lose out on two big opportunities:

(a) Continuous delivery of qualitative healthcare services.

(b) Business growth.

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Our RSP (Radiology Service Providers) platform is an apt solution for the above challenge. All diagnostic centres and healthcare organisations can now have the access to the best of radiology reporting services at their disposal without having to employ a full-time in-house radiologist. We can offer radiology reporting in just few hours and in the most convenient pay-per-report model.


Anytime, Anywhere reporting. Diagnostic centers/ healthcare organizations can connect with a radiologist no matter where they are and get reporting done in just one hour.

Saves cost.
The services are charged on a per case basis. No need to employ a full-time radiologist and keep paying out an expensive salary even when the volume of work is low.

Easy access to referrals IN case of doubts, diagnostic centers/ healthcare organizations can access other radiologists easily for a second opinion.

Free Medi-Locker - digital locker for patients. Enables patients & doctors to access all medical data anywhere, anytime. No more carrying them around or worrying about their safety.

Ensures access to expert radiology reporting. Delivers more value to clients, and builds credibility as a dependable diagnostic center/ healthcare organization. It helps expand the business and achieve growth.