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About Universal Mednet

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Universal Mednet aims to create seamless connectivity between healthcare organisations, medical professionals and the common man through its current suit of 3 core products.

For organisations, it offers the power of cloud architecture to access high-end healthcare management systems. Together with it comes an automatic and fully compliant record management system to decrease a healthcare organisation’s load of administrative work.

Professionals on the network get connected seamlessly to various organisations and patients outside the current physical and geographical reach.

The common man at the center of the network gets the benefit of carrying all his medical records in a digital locker accessible on his mobile as well as on the portal, anytime, anywhere. Being on our network also enables him to remain connected with healthcare organisations and professionals at all times.

Our Vision

To be the leading medical imaging informatics company over the globe.

Our Mission

To Provide accurate & timely healthcare imaging solutions adhering to quality and customer need.

Our Values

Customer Centric