A digital locker that stores all medical reports of a patient, it can be accessed anytime from anywhere by the patient through the Medilocker app on his mobile. It is a cloud-based, highly encrypted, health record storing and management platform that not only makes data accessible 24×7 but also allows the patient to share them with a medical professional in one click.

This ensures all the medical information needed for a correct diagnosis is available for the doctor when needed. The app also offers patients the advantage of reaching out to new doctors for a second opinion, pharmacies, and diagnostic services in and around their preferred locations.

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Benefits For Patients

Stores all medical records.

Enables anytime, anywhere access.

Solution for individuals & families.

Ensures data privacy.

Allows to reach out to other doctors for reference / second opinion.

Disaster recovery management strategy-keeps date safe and secure on the cloud.

Benefits For Doctors

Gives access to patient’s entire medical history instantly.

Offers the use of ATP.

Offers the use of RSP.


Helps to stay connected with patients through messages or notifications.

Give access to patient’s medical history at any time with utmost security.

Enable hassle-free record keeping of data as well as DICOM files..

Offers the use of ATP

Offers the use of RSP.

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