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ATP is an innovative teleradiology platform, the only fully managed service platform leveraging different forms of technologies (PACS, DICOM) to provide end-to-end solutions for remote radiology reporting.

Through this world-class, secure, cloud-based platform, certified and experienced radiologists can reach other unreachable patients and provide cost-effective radio-diagnosis.

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ATP is multi-Advantageous

  • Equipped with all the advanced tools for teleradiology operations including FDA and European CE certified Class Il and Class Ila DICOM image viewers.
  • Platform agnostic. Works on Windows, Linux & Apple. Runs on any HTML5-capable device, including Apple iOS & Android tablets/smartphones & the last-generation desktop web browsers.
  • Equipped with an advanced template-based reporting module that can be customised for every radiologist.
  • Capable of tracking all transactions and corresponding billing. Gives user the flexibility to maintain individual billing packages, study type wise and for every set of hospital to radiologist.
  • Compatible with two major business models supporting pay-per usage billing for both – as a platform and as a teleradiology reporting service.

On the whole, ATP covers all the major operational activities of teleradiology business along with maintaining international certification. The team behind it is constantly working at keeping it abreast of the latest in technology.

ATP means greater efficiency

  • Enables automatic DICOM transmission of study images from modality to DICOM server.
  • Facilitates clinical review of radiology studies on different screens from anywhere. Allows a radiologist to create more than one report for a single study.
  • Indicates presence of multiple reports for a particular study on the dashboard. User can easily swap between reports, in case of multiple reports and can take direct prints from the same window from a remote location.
  • Give users at both ends the ease of writing on a MS Word equivalent environment. Is supported by a text editor and saves draft reports. Also exports billing information in Excel.
  • Stores unlimited number of reporting templates per reporting user. Also provides option for reporting doctors to create their own templates for different type of studies.
  • Supports binomial search.
  • Instantly notifies a study upload and report completion through automated email and SMS.
  • Cloud-based platform that enables you to get cases reported, store patients’ date and share it with them in no time. Easy one-time installation.
  • Comes with the benefits of Universal MediLocker App, making it easy to store and communicate with patients in real-time.