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Advanced Radiology PACS (ARP) by Universal Mednet – A Must-Have for Hospitals & Teleradiologists

Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS) is must-have support for the medical institutions, hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, and tele radiologists interested in continuing their work without any obstruction, especially in the times of the COVID pandemic. Advanced Radiology PACS (ARP) by Universal Mednet is an advanced cloud-based Radiology platform designed with ultimate technical excellence to leverage the benefits of modern technology and automation.

Difference Between Offline PACS and Online PACS:

Offline PACS requires serious hardware and deployment time. Running on local servers, they are designed to store the patient's digital images and diagnostic reports on a local storage system comprising numbers of hard-drives and are cumbersome to maintain. Against this, the online PACS can be managed much more efficiently with little integration and almost no maintenance required. The cloud-based storage system allows hassle-free movement of data along with the most efficient storage. Besides being a cost saver, online PACS is a comparatively much better choice than offline PACS.

Offline PACS

  • Users access the data through a local server
  • Needs space for on the site hardware system for storage
  • User/client manage the entire system and the maintenance process
  • Security is a big concern in hazardous conditions
  • The maintenance cost of offline PACS is high
  • Complicated disaster recovery with limitations
  • limited workstations and access because of location boundaries
  • High operational cost
  • Limited collaboration for quick diagnostic
  • Offline access

Online PACS

  • Users access the data trough logging into the online PACS application
  • Uses virtual storage to store data
  • Online PACS vendor maintains the entire system and flawless process
  • Secured against all the hazardous conditions
  • Lower maintenance cost makes online PACS a favorite choice
  • Advanced and secured disaster recovery with no data loss
  • Can be accessed from anywhere, anytime
  • Low operational cost
  • Improved collaboration for rapid diagnostic
  • Online access

Advanced Radiology PACS (ARP) A Remote Working Solution for Radiologists

The user-friendly Advanced Radiology PACS (ARP) facilitates the radiologists to receive the diagnostic images to their desktops or mobiles and send the diagnostic reports remotely to the concerned hospital doctor, clinic, or medical institution. The benefit of a quick diagnosis of a problem strengthens patients' loyalty to the particular hospital, diagnostic center, or doctor. Advanced Radiology PACS (ARP) installation is a simple DIY exercise that doesn't need any special infrastructure; however, Universal Mednet provides comprehensive online support.

Advanced Radiology PACS (ARP) - Features that make it the Best PACS for Radiology Department:

Advanced Radiology PACS (ARP) plays a vital role in boosting the hospital's brand images and diagnostic centers, clinics, and doctors. Patients get the right treatment early without waiting for reports or follow-ups. The top 12 features of Advanced Radiology PACS (ARP) designed by Universal Mednet that make it a good choice are:

  • iOS & Android compatible
  • Fined tuned for all the leading browsers
  • Built-in advanced tools for teleradiology operations
  • FDA, European C.E. certified class implementation, & Class Ila DICOM image viewers
  • A customized template-based reporting module
  • Tracks all the transactions & corresponding billing
  • A unique platform for teleradiology and diagnostic reporting service
  • Highlights emergency cases
  • Easy to integrate with existing EMR and RIS applications
  • Real-time database of active cases and the latest status of reporting
  • Disaster Recovery
  • MediLocker for patients to access their diagnostic reports remotely

Why Advanced Radiology PACS (ARP) must be a part of Your Medical Services:

Fastest, safe, and competitively priced medical services are the top priorities of patients; Advanced Radiology PACS (ARP) empowers the hospitals, individual medical professionals, and diagnostic centers. Advanced Radiology PACS (ARP), an affordable Radiology PACS, delivers you the multiple benefits-

  • Remote access to radiologists
  • Any time access to a preferred radiologist
  • Faster reporting for higher customer satisfaction
  • Improved workload and workflow management
  • Customized interface for quick updates
  • More reliable and time-saving process
  • Built-in tools for accurate invoicing & others